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Nuke The Fridge’s Featured Cosplayer is Mike Logan Schiffbauer!

Here on Nuke the Fridge we are trying to add a new “Featured Cosplayer” post on a regular basis. So if you’re a Cosplayer and would like to be added, send an Email to nukedthefridge@yahoo.com and we will get back to you ASAP. All genders are welcome!

Today we feature Mike Logan Schiffbauer!

Mike Logan Schiffbauer is a southern Californian who owns and operates https://www.facebook.com/DragonfyreDesigns, and has been doing props and costumes for well over twenty years. Mike began doing costumes in the late eighties right out of high school when he first discovered the world of Sci-fi conventions. Seeing some of the amazing costumes people were wearing inspired him to become a part of the Northern California based costume group Hi-Impact costumes, where he learned to sculpt, make molds, and Vacume-form styrene and ABS armor. The group specialized in Star Wars costumes and were among the first few groups to make and wear Stormtrooper, Tie Pilot, and Snowtrooper armor right about the time that the 501st were starting their very first web page and recruiting members. Mike and his friends moved on from local bay area conventions and began to garner costume competition wins and attention in Southern California, and even had their work featured in the David West Reynolds DK Star Wars Visual Dictionary. Mike eventualy moved to Southern California and got a job working in the film and television industry doing props and costumes. Mike honed and refined his prop making skills on Star Trek Voyager learning all the aspects of making hand props on that show and learned from some of the most talented prop makers in the business about producing under a frantic studio deadline. Soon after Mike moved on to open his own prop and costume business Dragonfyre Designs. For ten years Mike did private commission work, one of his most popular pieces was producing Slave Leia costumes, which he does in very limited quantities. Now adays Mike still does the convention circuit, and enjoys wearing his own work. Last year he was a guest judge for Stan Lee’s Comikazee 2012 costume contest, and has been in full costume for several projecst such as Stan Lee’s Fan Wars (Batman, Master Chief, War Machine, Punisher), Freddy W’s Master Grief Master Grief/Chief), Xerofriends parody short Aliens vs Predator (Predator),Nerd Machines Trailer Park Heros (War Machine) and also various background work in film and television as a non union actor.If you are a fan of the Big Bang Theory, Mike was on the episode The Justice League Recombination as DJ Master Chief.