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Nuke the Fridge’s Featured Cosplayer is Anne Marie AKA Lady Vader

Anne Marie, aka Lady Vader, has been cosplaying for over 10 years. In 2002 her first cosplay was born: a Rule 63 Vader for which her nickname and cosplay title originate. It was debuted at the midnight premiere for Star Wars Episode II.

She would create a couple more cosplays for other midnight movie premieres, as well as some theatrical movie marathons, before venturing to her first comic book convention at San Diego’s Comic Con in 2005.

Since then, she has created several cosplays, taking from her love of video games, movies, and comics, and displaying her outfits at several conventions each year. She has also created miscellaneous outfits for smaller events, such as Renaissance fairs, masquerade balls, and holiday parties. Her ultimate goal for cosplay is to join a non-profit costuming group and give back to the community through charitable functions, visits, and events.

Not limited to cosplays, she can also be found utilizing her creativity crafting geeky purses and accessories, with the hope of someday opening a small home business.

When not cosplaying or crafting, she enjoys playing World of Warcraft, reading, baking and being with her loving family, living a happy, fulfilling and quiet life in Southern California.

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