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Nuke The Fridge Covers PACIFIC RIM at WonderCon 2013


Caliburn24 here waiting to pilot a Jaeger.

They of course are the giant robots that battle the Kaiju monsters in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim.

An exclusive clip was shown at the panel during Saturday’s Wonder Con. There were parts shown in the trailer like the Jaeger strapped to an aircraft carrier. There is narration that the monsters were thought to have come from space, but have actually come from deep sea. It is explained that the first attack was in San Francisco. A giant Kaiju footprint is seen on a beach. There is a scene where the pilots are sparring with kendo sticks. A pilot slides down a railing in his armor. The pilots attach to the Jaeger and its head is locked onto the body. The Jaeger approaches a city. It takes up a supertanker which is dragged along a street. The giant robot then smashes the supertanker into the Kaiju’s jaw. It is unfazed and roars at the robot.

Guillermo del Toro was brought in and first answered questions about the scale of the movie from the host, “We built for example, the head of the robot with the hydralics, was four stories high.” Del Toro then explained that the actors liked the rocking of the set from the impact of the Kaiju, “I insisted that we would do it with the real actors not stuntmen and we would do it with physical machines that controlled the robot.” The greatest strength of del Toro is the ability to simply talk to the audience. He joked about the tough shoot on the actors, “At the end of the day, they were exhausted, they were destroyed physically, and I was sipping my fourth capuchino.”

Del Toro had high praise for one of his actors in dealing with the shoot, “The only one that didn’t break was Rinko Kikuchi. That’s why guys never give birth. We are cry babies and would be extinct as a species.” He was asked in the q&a about his next film, “It’s probably Crimson Peak which is a ghost story, a turn of the century ghost story.” The question was posed to him about his DC Comics Dark Universe film, “I finished the bible, and then we are going to start the screenplay with the writer I hope to announce very soon. The lead character is Constantine, blond. He is basically going around recruiting these guys. We get to their orign through the story. We find out that each has a mystery to solve. Alec Holland is trying to make peace with who he is, but Deadman is still trying to find out who shot him. My two favorite characters from the entire DC universe are Etrigan and Swamp Thing.”

Del Toro discussed the graphic novel prequel that is going to tie into Pacific Rim. He showed a picture by Alex Ross. It is showing a Mark I Jaeger. The graphic novel is going to tie into the backstories of the characters. Del Toro was careful to tone down his language when he saw a child in the audience. One happened to be there with his father at the microphone dressed as Captain America. The host wrapped up the panel with another showing of the clip which he said was for Captain America.

Pacific Rim robot