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Nuke the Fridge Comic Book Review – Teen Titans #0 “Red Robin”

Nuke the Fridge Comic Review by Caliburn24

Teen Titans #0 “Red Robin”, writer: Scott Lobdell, artist: Tyler Kirkham. This goes over the origin of Tim Drake narrated by Bruce Wayne as he watches over Tim’s development. Drake first appeared in Batman #436. Batman is distraught over the death of Jason Todd and tries to turn away Tim from being his partner. Drake is determined to prove his worth and sets up the

Penguin by hacking into his accounts and taking his money. His house is ambushed by gunmen and the Batman goes to save them. His parents are put into witness protection and Tim partners with Batman. There is a great single page where he is in awe of the Batcave. Alfred brings him the Robin uniform, but Tim already has some changes. He appears on the last page spread as the front page of a Gotham publication as Red Robin. I’m wondering if the next Bat hero will be named Charles E. Cheese.

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