Exclusive: Guillermo del Toro Talks MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS

Namtar here…

Nuke the Fridge is covering the E3 Expo 2013 event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In the process of seeing various demonstrations, attending meetings and playing video games, I had a chance encounter with famed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro who attended the show to promote his upcoming giant robots vs. giant monsters feature “Pacific Rim.” With the film less than a month from release, a tie-in video game will debut later this year created by Japan’s own Yuke’s, Co., Ltd.



Del Toro met with media representatives briefly before autographing “Pacific Rim” posters for fans and members of the press. I had a chance to take a couple of photos and ask a couple of quick questions.

“Will you be starting “Mountains of Madness” after “Pacific Rim?”

Del Toro responded by saying.

“No, I will be working on two other projects, one of them being “The Strain,” before I start “Mountains of Madness.””

Namtar then added.

“I’d like to audition for the part of the dog handler.”

Del Toro replied.

“That part will go to Ron Perlman.  He is an expert dog trainer.”

I replied in a very subdued tone.

“I’m an expert at handling dogs as well…  Uh, thank you Mr. Del Toro.”

Okay, I blew it. Yes, I do know about training dogs, I’ve raised quite a few, but the most important information is that Del Toro already has “Hellboy” alum Ron Perlman in mind for the role.  As always, he (Perlman) will do a terrific job. He brings his best game to any film role.


Aside from having an amusing encounter with Del Toro, I must admit that he is one of the most friendly individuals a person might ever want to meet. Oh well, I could wax poetic all day, but I should ask him next time if I could audition for the role as a penguin, perhaps in a crowd scene. Other than that, check out “Pacific Rim.”

Namtar over and out!