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This is Josh ruler of Planet Houston,

I have heard troubling news there are those who continue to question my power.  FOOLS!  Show yourself, if you dare.  I DEFY you!  KNEEEEEEEEL!

Alright, not that I got that out of my system…we here at Nuke The Fridge and myself personally would like to thank those of you (future rulers of Australia) who have stuck by us not only here but on other sites and forums as well.  Your loyalty to NTF shall not go un-rewarded, behold!  Yet another set pic!

However we do ask one thing, to persuade as many humans to join our cause here so we can all rule this planet….then the GALAXY!  And…well, the stories break here first before anyone else too, so you’ll see the rest of these new images and scoops here first, I guess that’s a good reason….not as good as Ruling a Galaxy but still good.

Flying forward, as you can see we have our barricade which again was described in the scene breakdown article I broke weeks ago.  This was the yellow/black striped object I pointed out in the first set pic we featured on Wed.  And of course, another pic of Adams whom still finds a way to look good even amid desert sun and being pixelated…one tends to question who really has the superpowers here. I mean she does have a superhero past, for those of you who might remember, she appeared  in Smallville when it was in it’s infancy.

The Close Up Image of Lois Lane ( Amy Adams ) and Superman ( Henry Cavill ) is on our Facebook Page Only.

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I now depart mortals. For though I am a super reporter I also a part time archaeologist and host to Nuke the Fridge’s Weekly Rundown vids here at the site, in which episode 4 is currently loading up. Check it out, it’s awesome…like a blowtorch!
Keep it here for more news however, and like us on Facebook for more exclusives.

~JOSH – Impervious to Giant Cellophane “S”

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