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NTF Comic Spotlight: X-Men – Schism #3

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

The new twelve year old Black King of the Hell Fire club along with his crew of adolescent murderers which includes an intergalactic slave trader who hasn’t even hit puberty yet, a young descendant of Von Frankenstian with what seems to have a Dr. Doom complex, and an amoral eleven year old hotel heiress in ponytails makes their move against the X-Men during the opening of a Mutant History Museum. Already short handed with the majority of the other X-Men spread out across the globe dealing with the Sentinel problem most of the remaining mutants are taken down by the new Black King and his cabal. The only mutant left standing is Idie a young naive mutant who sees her abilities as a curse. It is here we see the beginnings of the planned split between Wolverine and Cyclops begin. Not wanting the spoil the rest of this issue for you I’ll just end it here by saying what happens next left me absolutely blown away. Wow…this was an amazing issue.

Writer Jason Aaron (Wolverine and Punisher MAX) is doing a top notch job here keeping a perfect balance between action and story without leaving any lag time at all. I particularly enjoyed how the evil brat pack was able to take down each of the X-Men by exploiting their unique weakness to their advantage. Art wise I’m though I’m not too sure of Daniel Acuña‘s (Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters and The Eternals) style here, it sorta gives me a 60’s X-Men: First Class vibe which I’m not really digging. With that being said I can’t wait for issue #4 to hit the shelves and see what happens next. If you’re reading one Marvel story arc right now I highly recommend X-Men: Schism.

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