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NTF Comic Spotlight: X-Men: Schism #2

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

Issue two of Marvel‘s X-Men: Schism has now hit comic book shelves everywhere. Previously we last left off with telepathic anarchist Quentin Quire aka Kid Omega crashing Cyclops’ big speech at an international arms conference on the disassembly of various country’s Sentinel programs. The resulting fallout has now caused anti-mutant sentiments to now sweep the globe making it a complete PR nightmare for mutant kind everywhere. And little do the X-Men know that the cause of all their troubles were orchestrated by twelve year old psychopathic billionaire Kade Kilgore who is now the new Black King of the Hellfire Club. Once again Jason Aaron (Wolverine and Punisher MAX) is penning the story with artist Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows and Hulk) and colorist Jason Keith (Hulk and Mighty Avengers).

Due to Quire’s psychic assault on the international arms conference, many countries throughout the world has now reactivated their secret Sentinel programs. But the problem is many of these Sentinels is now outdated, improperly maintained, and defective. The ones that still work has gone heywire and are out of control, attacking mutants and humans alike. The X-Men forces are stretched thin as various teams are sent across the world to deal with Sentinel threats such as Gambit dealing with Samurai Sentinels in Tokyo, Chamber and Warpath in Berlin battling Spider Sentinels, and a problem of Sentinel Birds of Prey in Mogadishu just to name a few. While world seems to go crazy the now infamous Quentin Quire shows up on Utopia seeking political asylum. Meanwhile we also learn a bit more about this new Hellfire club which is apparently all human with anti-mutant sentiments. Also we learn that the new young Black King of the Hellfire club isn’t working alone as he  has  posse of other psychopathic preteens working for him. One of which is a ten year old girl in a pink kitty dress with a pink lightsaber who eviscerated a bulldog faced alien because it’s face was ‘stupid and ugly’.

I gotta say I’m not a big fan of Cho’s rendition of Cyclops who makes the leader of the X-Men look like a forty year old highschool science teacher. The tension building up between Cyclops and Wolverine looks to be leading up to something quite epic.  But the pacing of the overall story seems to lag just a bit so here’s hoping business will pick up with issue three.


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