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NTF Comic Spotlight: X-Men: Schism #1

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

As ‘Fear itself‘ spreads across the Marvel Universe this summer, the X-Men looks to have their own problems to deal with in ‘X-Men: Schism‘.  Announced at WonderCon this year the series will be written by Jason Aaron (Wolverine and Punisher MAX) with artists Carlos Pacheco (Avengers Forever and Green Lantern), Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows and Hulk), Daniel Acuña (X-Men: Legacy and Black Widow), Alan Davis (Captain Britain and Excalibur), and Adam Kubert (Ultimate X-Men and Spider-Man). With the first issue writer Jason Aaron, artist Carlos Pacheco, and inker Cam Smith proves that X-Men: Schism is worth keeping a close eye on.

The current leader of the X-Men Cyclops and his trusted lieutenant Wolverine stands front and center of the Schism storyline, with the X-Men now based on the artificial island Utopia off the coast of San Francisco. It all starts off when Cyclops attends an international arms conference along with Wolverine to speak on the behalf of all mutant kind to dismantle and dispose of the mutant hunting Sentinel programs that countries throughout the world still secretly held. But before anything could even really be discussed the shit really hit the fan when anarchist and telepathic mutant Quentin Quire aka Kid Omega made an appearance. And lets just say many of these world leaders have quite a bit of skeletons in their closet which they aired on live tv in front of the whole world which caused quite a stir as well as resparking a lot of anti-mutant sentiments. Little does everyone know that everything that happened was orchestrated by the new Black King of the Hellfire Club.

I gotta say after this first issue I will be keeping my eye on the Schism storyline and I recommend that you do too. I quite enjoyed Pacheco’s artwork in this first issue especially compared to his previous work on the Uncanny X-Men, but it still pales besides his work on Ultimate Comics: Avengers. Kudos also to Aaron’s writing on Schism, especially with a look at Cyclops and Wolverine’s current relationship (which will be a big factor in this storyline) which went from hostile rivalry to a respectful friendship. And lastly I will say this, $4.99 for the first issue? Come on Marvel, seriously? Stay with us as we review issue two of X-Men: Schism.


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