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NTF Comic Spotlight: The Search for Swamp Thing #2

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

The aftermath of the Brightest Day saga has reintroduced the characters Swamp Thing and John Constantine back into the DC Universe. It seems right that both Swampy and Constantine are both reintroduced to the DCU together.

The second issue of ‘The Search for Swamp Thing’ picks up with Constantine making his way from Gotham City to the Man of Steel’s turf of Metropolis to cure the strange plant like rash on his hand. During most of the issue Superman questions Constantine’s real motive to find Swamp Thing while the chain smoking paranormal investigator is his usual smart ass self.

The real reason to really pick up this title is for the work of artist Renato Arlem (Blackest Night: Rise of the Black Lanterns and Action Comics), which is complemented by colorist Barb Ciardo (Superman: Earth One and She Hulk). But if you’re looking for a good story to sink your teeth into, I suggest you look elsewhere. It’s sad to see such a great character like Constantine not used to his fullest potential. If anything much like an overly energetic dog after a visit to the vet for the ol’ snip snip, Constantine in the mainstream DC universe has lost much of his bite. With only one more issue left in this miniseries here’s hoping that there is some redemption for the duo from Vertigo.


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