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NTF Comic Spotlight: The Infinite #1

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

A new series by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead and Ultimate X-Men) and Rob Liefeld (Deadpool and Youngblood) hit shelves this week by the name of ‘The Infinite’. A predictable time traveling story about a freedom fighter named Bowen who is losing the war against the Infinite and his only hope of salvation is to travel back in time to stop the war before it starts. His ally in the past is the one person he trusts…cue drum roll…HIMSELF! His younger twenty year old self to be exact and now the two must team up and save the world.

Infinite is deffinely a Liefeld book with overly muscled characters, humongous guns, and oversized shoulder pads. The series harkens back to the early days (the nineties) of publisher Image comics as titles such as Youngblood and Savage Dragon comes to mind when reading though this first issue. And as I mentioned before the story is a pretty typical time traveling tale which Kirkman could have done a whole lot better. So unless it becomes a whole lot more interesting Infinite will be hitting the bargain bin in the near future.


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