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NTF Comic Spotlight: The Boys #65

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

The proverbial *%#$ has hit the fan in this latest issue of ‘The Boys’. We’re served some pretty big reveals in number sixty five were Butcher faces the Homelander for what could possibly be for the last time. We finally find out about the truth about the Homelander in this one in would could either be the most brillient move of the year or the zaniest. And in the tradition of ‘The Boys’ buckets of gore was poured on as the military goes head to head with the supes. But what has to be the biggest reveal of all the readers finally learn the truth about the silent member of the Seven, Black Nior.

While it was a fantastic read overall (especially if you’ve been a long time reader of ‘The Boys’), it did go a bit over the top. But if you keep in mind with the tone of the series and how crazy it came off as sometimes, it sort of also did fit. The combined abilities of artists Russ Braun (Jack of Fables and Animal Man) and John McCrea (Hitman and The 99) with Keith Burns (The Boys: Herogasm and The Boys: Highland Laddie) blended together perfectly with everybody in the mix playing to their strengths. The result was nothing less than spectacular.

In this installment we’re treated to a number of big bombs that built up over the run of this series by Garth Ennis (Hellblazer and Preacher). And next up we see Butcher and the team make their way into the final story arch of this acclaimed comic book series.

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