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NTF Comic Spotlight: The Avengers #19

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

It’s time for the Avengers to meet the press yet once again! Steve Rogers now donning the stars and stripes again now adds Storm, the original Vision, and Secret Warrior member Daisy Johnson aka Quake onto the Avengers roster. Meanwhile Spider-Man and Wolverine has decided to take a step back from this team (but don’t worry they’ll still be a part of ‘The New Avengers’).

It’s like every few weeks the Avengers are doing a roster shuffle and I got to say it’s starting to wear just a bit thin. Also the whole Vision thing kinda brothers me a bit. His reappearance seems to have come from out of nowhere and the whole Tony Stark deciding to rebuild him in his free time comes off as a bit unrealistic. Here we have a member of the Avengers who has been pretty much gave everything for his team and all his resurrection comes down to is Tony Stark deciding to put humpty dumpty back together again when he was bored? Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Perhaps the only saving grace of this issue is the appearance of a very pissed off Norman Osborn in the final panel of the comic. I can’t wait to see what he brings with him with his new Dark Avengers.

I can’t say I’m too happy with the current state of affairs with the Avengers in the Marvel Universe. Yeah, I know they’re really pushing it these days probably because of all the hype surrounding the Avengers movie. But the folks at Marvel seems to be passing out Avengers membership cards like candy. I wouldn’t be surprised if I discovered in the mail tomorrow an invitation to join the Avengers for myself. Especially after the lackluster events of ‘Fear Itself’ it’s time to up your game Marvel. You can do so much better than this, I know you can.

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