NTF Comic Spotlight: Swamp Thing #1

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

I can’t say that I was really looking forward to this title as ol’ Swampy didn’t exactly come back to the DC scene with the fanfare that I was quite hoping for in the ‘Brightest Day Aftermath: Search for Swamp Thing’. Which was a shame as the Swamp Thing run in the Vertigo line was pretty epic. So imagine by surprise when I picked this title up and found it NOT to be the let down that I was expecting. Mr. Scott Snyder (American Vampire and Detective Comics) my hat is off to you sir! But my MVP trophy here would have to go to the artistic talents of Yanick Paquette (Batman Inc. and Seven Soliders: Bulleteer). He has gone above and beyond what I was expecting has he has delivered some of the most amazing imagery this comic book geek has seen in a long time. I just absolutely loved his organic looking layouts especially in the last few pages.

In this first issue fans are presented with Alec Holland newly back from the dead with the memories of Swamp Thing. Holland has not gone back to his roots and instead have decided to find himself working as a construction worker. But it seems that the Green is not done with him yet as we see life all around the DCU has gone haywire. Such as pigeons dropping dead in Metropolis, the bats of the bat cave dying off, and the fishes around Aquaman floating belly up. Well it looks like Holland’s ties with Swamp Thing have not been quite severed yet. Check out the surprising cliff hanger shocker!

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