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NTF Comic Spotlight: Star Wars – Agent of the Empire #1

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

Corellian martini, shaken not stirred. From one of the creators of the popular ‘Star Wars: Legacy’ series John Ostrander (Suicide Squad and Grimjack) is at the helm writing this five issue series depicting the adventures of Imperial Intelligence officer and intergalactic man of mystery Jahan Cross. When it comes to the Star Wars expanded universe there’s little doubt in this writer’s mind that Ostrander ranks right up there in its pantheon. I got to say I just absolutely love the first issue tag line ‘Stormtroopers are the Empire’s hammer. This man is its scalpel.’ Much kudos goes to series artist Stephane Roux (Witchblade: Blood Oath and Zatanna) as well who delivers some fantastic work here.

In ‘Agent of the Empire’ we see Cross on a mission in the Corporate Sector a few years before the events of Episode IV and by his side is his mechanized assistant and partner the deadly droid IG-NA 44 or IGNA. Think part C3-PO and part IG-88 (the bounty hunter droid from the original trilogy) with the sex appeal of a Ferrari sports car. We’re also introduced to some more colorful characters such as the Sluissi Alessi Quon and Royd Pew, the pair acts as Q to Cross’s James Bond. While on the planet Etti IV Cross also runs into a scruffy pair of familiar smugglers.

I don’t want to spoil too much here but overall I will say that I was pleasantly impressed with this opening issue of ‘Agent of the Empire’. It looks like this series has it all for Star Wars fans from the casual and to the major fanboy/girls. So be sure to head on down to your local comic book dealer and grab yourself a copy.

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