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NTF Comic Spotlight: Red Lanterns #1

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

Much like the opening of the 52 reboot of Green Lantern #1, this issue follows in the footsteps of the ‘War of the Green Lantern’ story arc. The last time we saw Atrocitus he had won a somewhat hollow victory in the death of the rogue Guardian Krona at the hands of Hal Jordan. Now the leader of the Red Lanterns faces a rather curious predicament in that the power of a Red Lantern is fueled by rage in their hearts, what happens now that the rage in Atrocitus’ heart has now been satisfied by the death of the Krona?

Writer Peter Milligan (Batman and Flashpoint: Secret Seven) delivers us an interesting read here in this first issue of Red Lanterns. While we we see Atrocitus having the capabilities of being more than an one dimensional villian sadly that’s not the case with the rest of the crimson ring slingers. It would be nice to see characters such as Bleez being able to say more than ‘RRRAGE…AT…ATR…RRR…GNNNN…GNNNN…RRAGGE…’ (and that’s a direct quote).

Artist Ed Benes (Birds of Prey and Supergirl) brings some interesting eye candy here as well. Dex-Starr has to be the only kitty in the entire universe with a six pack (that kitty must be getting one hell of a workout). The art here is just fantastic with the colors absolutely eye catching in using different shades of red. Lantern fans be sure to pick this book up and to those looking for something interesting to read do the same.

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