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NTF Comic Spotlight: Red Hood and the Outlaws #3

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

I got to say I haven’t exactly been the biggest fan of DC‘s Red Hood and the Outlaws so I was pleasantly surprised when I went through the pages of this third issue. Writer Scott Lobdell (Teen Titans and The Darkness) gives us a small peek into the back histories of these reinvented 52 characters. Artist Kenneth Rocafort (Action Comics and Madame Mirage) provides some sizzle to the fire here especially with the opening scene of the Chamber of All which looks to be one part Jim Henson and one part M.C. Escher.

The plot is pretty basic as we see Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire entering the Chamber of All in search of a clue left behind by the Untitled. But as payment to enter the chamber the trio must leave behind their most cherished memories as collateral to S’aru the Proctor. As the team descend into a bizarre dreamscape, a curious S’aru decides to take a sneak peek into the memories the team left behind. We see Starfire’s past as a slave,  Arsenal’s days after Green Arrow, and Red Hood’s time as Robin. Readers are finally treated to some real depth to these three that was really lacking in the past two issues.

If this is any indication of future issues for Red Hood and the Outlaws we just might have something worth reading. Fan service and anti-heroes are great and all but what this title needed was some meat. Hopefully we’ll see the team steered in the right direction now.

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