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NTF Comic Spotlight: Rachel Rising #1

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

We got another new comic making its debut this week by the title of ‘Rachel Rising’, a black and white indie series by Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise and Echo). This intriguing first issue opens up with nine pages without even one word of text that has the title character Rachel pulling herself from some sort of unmarked grave. And before you say anything, no Rachel is not a zombie or an undead but rather a person who was dead but is now alive. So I don’t expect we’ll see any brain for flesh chomping anytime soon. Next we go on a series of flashbacks of bits and pieces of her past. The issue ends with the reader wanting to learn more about who Rachel is and how she ended up buried.

Fans of Moore will be impressed by the art in this title which is quite detailed and clean. The women he draws are always extremely simple but with Moore’s skills they come out incredibly well drawn. This new story from Moore reminds this reader of an old fashion black and white ‘who dunnit’ mystery movie. Moore’s minimalist approach to ‘Rachel Rising’ makes this a must read for fans of indie comics and his earlier work on ‘Strangers in Paradise’ or ‘Echo’.


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