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NTF Comic Spotlight: Kick-Ass 2 #5

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

Since issue #4 the shit has really hit the fan for Kick-Ass the rest of the spandex clad community courtesy of Red Mist or as he is better known as Mother F—er and his Legion of Doom. Some of the more questionable materials of the last issue has also been toned down. What happens next makes you really feel bad for Dave Lizewski. With his dad in jail taking the heat for being Kick-Ass we see Mother F—er putting a hit on Dave’s old man who is later shown beaten, bound, hung, and the photo being spread throughout the internet outting Dave as Kick-Ass. In the final splash page we see Mindy once again locked and loaded ready to wade back into the fray as Hit-Girl. Rather than the shock and awe of issue four we see a more story driven issue here in five.

Of late things have been going pretty badly for the heroes of NYC with the villains running wild but perhaps in issue six we’ll see them start swinging back. You know it’s a good read when you get to the last page and ask yourself ‘It’s already over?’. This is what I love about Kick-Ass, Mark Millar‘s (The Authority and Wanted) fearless writing and willingness to take it to the next level. It has me asking ‘What’s next?’. Here’s hoping it won’t take too long between issues for the next one.

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