The 52 relaunch kicks off with Justice League #1 written by DC golden boy Geoff Johns (Green Lantern andJSA) and drawn by the legendary Jim Lee (All Star Batman and Robin and Wild C.A.T.s). This flagship title takes readers five years in the past of the revamped DC universe where metahumans are viewed with both suspicion and fear because of their superhuman abilities. It was also a time before the formation of the league before each of the members knew each other. In this first issue we see the dark knight’s first encounter with the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, Hal Jordan with an appearance by the big blue boy scout at the end. I also loved the fact that they’re coming right out of the gate with the big guns and setting up Darkseid as the principle villain of the first story arc. As a long time comic book fan I must say it was an interesting to see such familiar iconic characters interact with each other in a whole new scene.

Lee’s work here on the first issue is just fantastic and I must say when I first saw the new designs of familiar characters I was pretty iffy (I remember the Wonder Woman debacle a little while back). But after reading through issue one I got to say it did grow on me and made sense that the old spandex outfits have now gone way to more of a body armor look. My only real complaint about this issue was the somewhat slow pace in which it starts off in but business does soon pick up as the story progresses.

For new comic book fans this is a perfect jumping off point to a brand spanking new DCU. And for those looking to make an investment if you’re lucky enough to grab a first printing of the new Justice League #1 (which is currently sold out and gone into second printing) this is one of those titles you should hold onto.

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