NTF Comic Spotlight: Green Lantern – New Guardians #2

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

Kyle Rayner’s trouble just seem to get worse and worse in this second issue of ‘Green Lantern: New Guardians’. Now no longer a wielder of just the green ring of will we see Kyle now in possession of a ring of each color (except for white or black). Along with the new rings Kyle now also must deal with a representative of each of the ring corps such as Arkillo from the Sinestro Corps and Fatality of the Star Sapphires. And the majority of them seems to want their rings back rather than talk things through.

Writer Tony Bedard (Blue Beetle and The Great Ten) does a great job here waving a tale with Kyle Rayner as the central character and seeing other characters from the various Lantern Corps getting their time in the lime light. I especially liked seeing how Arkillo now communicates without a tongue. Readers also learn the fate of the Guardian Ganthet after the rest of the Guardians dealt with him.

The art here is fairly solid with Tyler Kirkham (Green Lantern Corps and Blue Beetle), Harvey Tolibao (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Green Lantern Movie Prequel: Sinestro), and Matt ‘Batt’ Banning (Green Lantern Corps and Superman/Batman) at the helm. My only major complaint here is that it was pretty obvious that there were two different pencillers with different styles working on this issue.

But overall I got to say if you’re a fan of the Green Lanterns be sure to pick up this title. Join us next time as we learn who or what has the power to murder six ring wielders from six different Lantern Corps and the reason why Kyle is now a magnet to the rings.

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