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NTF Comic Spotlight: Flashpoint – Kid Flash Lost #3

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

The Flashpoint miniseries featuring Bart Allen also known as Kid Flash began pretty slow but made a very strong finish. Before the events of Flashpoint Bart’s relationship with his grandfather Barry Allen (the Flash) was strained to say the least. And throughout the events of Flashpoint Bart has been trying to come to terms with his newly returned grandfather. I must say I quite enjoyed the parallels linking Bart with Barry’s deeds and sacrifice in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths story arc. The final pages of this miniseries invoked great emotion and tugs at the heart strings as Kid Flash perhaps aid the Flash for the final time or at least until the birth of the new DC universe. Personally I hope this isn’t the last time we see Bart Allen as I’ve been a big fan of the speedster from the 30th century especially during his time as Impulse.

The artwork here by Oliver Nome (Kid Flash Lost and New Dynamix) was pretty tame and could use some fine tuning. While this Flashpoint tie in wasn’t that impressive it does have some critical elements for readers who want to get into the whole Flashpoint storyline.

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