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NTF Comic Spotlight: Fear Itself: Deadpool #2

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

The second issue of ‘Fear Itself: Deadpool‘ has the merc with a mouth on the cover in a pair of shiny shiny MC Hammer pants and a duo of back up dancers. Normally something like this would raise a few eyebrows but since it’s Deadpool it’s actually pretty normal. With the Marvel Universe quaking with fear with the ‘Fear Itself’ storyline, Deadpool has decided there’s only one thing to do. Team up with the world’s elite hero to battle against the eight wielders of magic hammers? Nope! Try to figure out the cause and reason behind such a dastardly deed? Nope! Or maybe try defending towns and cities from the hammer wielders? Well…kinda…like the mercenary he is Deadpool has decided to take advantage of the situation and make some money off the general populous by providing some much needed security aka scam the pants off some poor unsupecting town with a fake easily beatable hammer wielder. So enters the z-list super villian…The Walrus.

But as always there’s a hitch (there’s always a hitch), apprently the ‘fake’ hammer Deadpool stole for the Walrus to wield actually does have some sort of magical properties that ties into the next full moon. And guess what’s phase the moon will be in? That’s right, a big ol’ full moon. While Deadpool may not be at the top of his game in this kinda sorta ‘Fear Itself’ tie in, the title does have its moments. One of which got a chuckle out of me is DP and Walrus smashing into the room of his greatest fan which is full of Deadpool memorabilia and deciding to leave it intact. The next room though looks to be dedicated to the mutant from the future Cable which the two totally decimated. So if you’re a fan of Deadpool make sure you pick up this book and if not…well you might still get a chuckle or two out of it.


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