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The clown prince of crime makes a fitting appearance in this debut issue of Detective Comics #1 as playing a big part in this first issue. Writer and artist Tony S. Daniel (Teen Titans and Flash: The Fastest Man Alive) has brought the heat here along with artist Ryan Winn (Spawn and Brightest Day). The visuals are just amazing here which had my eyes glued from page to page. The awesome two page spread of Batman leaping across the rooftops of Gotham alone is worth picking up this issue (Gotham City has never looked better). I included the pages below for your viewing pleasure. I’m pretty sure someone out there is going to blow this up big and make a sweet art print out of this.

I’m not going to spoil it for you readers and fans of the dark knight but in the final page, the big cliff hanger will absolutely blow you away. Just thinking about it is giving me that delightful tingle down my spine and a big wide smile from cheek to bloody cheek. I strongly urge all you fanboys and girls out there to pick this one up, in fact I’m putting my ‘MUST BUY’ seal on this one.

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