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NTF Comic Spotlight: Deadpool #45

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

Ever wonder what happens to all the dismembered body parts Deadpool leaves behind on the battlefield or when he gets blasted to bits after a particularly bad explosion? Well apparently if you’re good with a needle and thread plus have a bunch of Deadpool parts laying around you can have your very own life size Deadpool action figure! The only downside to that is your brand new patchwork Deadpool might be a evil jerk.

Looks like we have two Deadpools running around the Marvel Universe now with the new one now dubbed ‘Evil Deadpool’ who is unpredictable, cracks jokes and zingers, and either stabs or shoots anything in his way. Everything the merc with a mouth USED to be before his sudden rise in popularity. This is the Wade Wilson that I’ve been missing before he got all existential. I know eventually the two will have a showdown in the Thunderdome and only one will be left standing and I can’t help but root for this new Deadpool or ‘Evilpool’ as I like to call him.

The scenes with ‘Evilpool’ are just pure entertainment, a reminder of what originally made Deadpool so awesome. On the other side of the coin normal Deadpool’s scenes fell sorta flat, it was was like seeing a before and after commercial. Artist Salva Espin‘s (Generation Hope and Wolverine: First Class) tags in here at issue forty five with a style is similar to that of Carlo Barberi (Gen13 and Deadpool: Suicide Kings) who did the previous issue. A decent opening issue for a new story arc but not that great, I’ll give it a solid ‘C’. But I can’t wait for the second issue to hit shelves, here’s hoping it’ll be a good one!

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