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NTF Comic Spotlight: Deadlands – Death Was Silent

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

The third of four one shots based on the wild weird west role playing game Deadland features a silent bounty hunter with mannerisms similar to Clint Eastwood’s Man with no Name. The story ‘Death Was Silent’ offers a Sergio Leone like tale of a mute gunslinger arriving into town with a dead body on his horse with bullets by the bucketful. I actually rather enjoyed this story and my only real complaint I have with it is that I wish it was actually more of a miniseries rather than an one shot.

Writer Ron Marz (Silver Surfer and Witchblade) delivers this tale at a quick pace that has the readers burning through the pages following what happens next (and in my case rereading it a couple more times after). Artist Bart Sears (Justice League Europe and X-O Manowar) does a terrific job here as well providing a dark gritty look that suits a western horror story perfectly. And since it was an one shot Sears did make use of small multiple panels on most of the pages to be able to tell the story in the pages provided (another reason I wish this was a miniseries rather than an one shot). If you’re a fan of the Deadlands universe, western, horror, or any combination of the three I would totally recommend picking this issue up. Now pardon me while I have a mighty hankerin’ to watch the ‘Dollars Trilogy’ again.

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