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NTF Comic Spotlight: Batman and Robin #1

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

One of the few titles which remained relatively unchanged in the reboot. Damien is still Robin and pretty much a brat as usual. Bruce Wayne is still Batman and his usual brooding self. And if you’re one of the few who have been living under a rock in past decade writer Peter J. Tomasi (Nightwing and Green Lantern Corps) ties in Batman’s origins quite nicely with the anniversary of their deaths. This first issue is also proves to be a major turning point for Bruce Wayne’s life as he has finally decided to stop mourning the death of his parents and instead moved on to celebrate their lives. Now before all you fan boys begin to worry that Batman is going to become more of a nicer cuddlier caped crusader don’t you worry, he’s still the same dark knight beating down the the scum of Gotham City. Artist Patrick Gleason (Robin and Green Lantern Corps) here is still delivering high quality with beautifully clean details and some awesome action scenes.

In this first issue we’re also introduced to a new villain lurking in the shadows. His agenda soon becomes quite clear as his goal is to ‘erase’ all the Batmen of the world (from the Batman Inc. storyline) starting with erasing the Batman of Russia. And when I say erase I mean dip them into what seems to be an acid like solution until not a trace of them is left. Just from the final panel cliff hanger I can’t wait for the big reveal. It looks like this Batman and Robin title is going to mainly deal with the ramification from the Batman Inc arc. So if you were a fan of that story arc or a Batman fan in general be sure to pick this title up.

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