NTF Comic Spotlight: Batman #3

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

Out of the many DC 52 titles that have been released ‘Batman’ continues to be one which stands out from the rest of the pack. With this third issue we see writer Scott Snyder (Detective Comics and Swamp Thing) pull back a bit on the fisticuffs and gives us more of the detective aspect of the dark knight. And when you’re talking about the creative team of Batman you can’t forget about Snyder’s partner in crime, artist Greg Capullo (Spawn and Haunt). The collaboration of Snyder’s writing and Capullo artwork is just fan-freaking-tastic.

In this issue we see the build up of Batman’s investigation into the secret society of the Court of Owls and their relationship with the city of Gotham. One of my favorite scenes had to be the flashback to Alan Wayne’s crazed run through the streets of old Gotham City via 1920s and the implication of the Court of Owls in his death. And interesting side note here with the reboot of the DC universe I’m a bit curious if this whole Court of Owls and their agent Talon is perhaps their answer to Owlman (the evil counterpart of Batman from Earth 3 before the reboot)? We also see Snyder laying on the tension and creepiness factor pretty thick here throughout the issue all the way to the amazing final scene. The whole ‘thirteenth floor’ of Wayne Tower is just brilliant and has me hungry for the next installment of this amazing story arc.

Fellow comic book nerds, if you haven’t yet already picked up this third issue of Batman then I implore you to drop whatever you’re doing and pick this comic book up right this moment. And if haven’t yet picked up the first two issues of this story arc then catch up now because you do not want to be left in the dust. Overall out of all the Bat titles out right now this one has to be the pick of the litter.

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