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NTF Comic Spotlight: Baltimore – The Curse Bells #1

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

Mike Mignola‘s vampire hunting Lord Henry Baltimore is back in a five part mini series entitled ‘The Curse Bells’. Still hunting for the vampire known as Haigus who is responsible for the death of Baltimore’s family he finds himself led to a town in Lucerne, Switzerland. Thinking revenge is near Baltimore is instead walks into a trap set by the minions of Haigus. Battling a tavern full of undead, a bed chamber full of seductive vampiresses, and a forest full of demons the vampire hunter finds himself at square one once again.

Artist Ben Stenbeck (Sir Edward Grey: The Witchfinder and Living With the Dead) does an excellent job here depicting a town piled high with the dead and all matters of beasties whom lurk in the dark. The action here is quick, bloody, and to the point. Baltimore wastes no time when dispatching his foes and instead focuses on the best way to put them down and move on to his next enemy. Writers Christopher Golden (Baltimore: The Plague Ships and The Sisterhood) and Mike Mignola (Hellboy and B.P.R.D.) does a fantastic job here in crafting a story about a man obsessed with revenge against the monster that took away his family. If anything Baltimore reminds this writer of a more updated Robert E. Howard’s Soloman Kane.

My only real complaint here is the character development of Lord Baltimore. The title character (pardon my pun) lacks any real bite. There’s very little personality to the vampire hunter that sets him apart from the pack. Hopefully in later issues of ‘The Curse Bells’ we will see Lord Baltimore evolve past having a personality as wooden as a stake.

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