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NTF Comic Book Review – Wolverine and the X-Men #17

Wolverine and the X-Men #17 “Wolverine’s Secret Weapon”, writer: Jason Aaron, artist: Michael Allred. This is an extended exercise in absurd, toilet humor that happens to have the X-Men in it. Wolverine is touring the facilities of the Jean Grey school with Deathlok. The cyborg reports on the status of the faculty and ends with the one member who is a complete mystery to him. Doop, a lima bean with a mouth and arms (sort of like an evil version of Shmoo), he is passed out with a copy of Playblob in a splash page. Wait there’s more! Wolverine talks about recruiting Doop at a strip club and the tortures he undergoes to get Doop on board. He tells Shmo- I mean Doop that he needs him to look out for threats to the school. Doop takes down the League of Nazi Bowlers and the seduces all of the Westchester County School Board so they don’t close the school. Doop seems to be taxed pleasing all of the female mutants at the school. While at night, he apparently fights off robots with Howard the Duck. Wolverine sees Doop sleeping on the school floor.

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