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NTF Comic Book Review – Ultimates #16 “The Call of the People”

Ultimates #16 “The Call of the People”, writer: Sam Humphries, artist: Luke Ross. The painted cover by Michael Komarck reveals the surprise of Captain America being sworn in as president. The issue begins a new storyline, “United We Stand” after the “Divided We Fall” storyline that ran in the Ultimate Comics titles; Ultimate Comics X-Men, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, and the Ultimate Comics Ultimates (fairly redundant title). The United States is torn into factions similar to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s Give Me Liberty or Timothy Truman’s Scout series. There is a handy map that shows the divided nation with independent nations, others controlled by the National Guard, and others run by the Sentinels. By special election, Captain America is voted in as president, he takes the oath of office, and runs off to a jet. He leaves the reporters saying, “America is my White House.”

Carol Danvers tries to recall President Cap and he places her in charge as Chief of Staff. He is busy on the frontlines with the Ultimates working their way through the armies of North and South Carolina until they find the leaders and force a truce. Thor suspects that an Asgardian is behind the ruin of the nation. Cap dispatches him to Wyoming to secure the base there. Iron Man is sent to the West Coast and bring them back to the union. While he is flying to the next hot spot, Cap takes a call from Senator Underwood, head of the Senate Emergency Powers Committee, but ignores his request for negotiations. Instead, he lands in Michigan, orders the soldiers to stand down, and takes away the Dictator of Detroit. Thor sees the gathered armies at Project Pegasus in Wyoming, he is struck by an Asgardian rune, the one shown is the rune for “estate”, and communication with Cap is cut off. Flumm, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. is ordered by Senator Underwood to fire on Cap’s jet, and he is knocked down by Black Widow. Cap’s jet shatters the helicarrier’s window and Cap fires Flumm. He confronts Underwood via his computer and says that Black Widow is now head of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cap disbands the committee and Hawkeye taps Senator Underwood on the head with his arrows. Mr. Morez is talking to a soldier at Project Pegasus and confronts the captured Thor. He reveals himself not as Loki, but Modi, his son.

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