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NTF Comic Book Review – Talon #0 “The Long Run”

Nuke the Fridge Comic Review by Caliburn24

Talon #0 “The Long Run”, writer: James Tyrion IV (the plot credit lists Tyrion IV and Scott Synder), artist: Guillem March. The character spins out of the Court of Owls storyline in the Bat titles; primarily Scott Snyder’s Batman, but also Nightwing, Batgirl, Catwoman, Birds of Prey, and Red Hood and the Outlaws. The Court of Owls is an ancient criminal society in Gotham City that Batman destroys in Batman #11. This issue is the first appearance of the character of Talon. The Talons were assassins of the Court of Owls. This follows an eight year old child, Calvin Rose, who is locked in a kennel by his father for days. On a rainy night, he is able to use a rock to free himself and escape. Now an adult, he is doing construction work swinging along a bridge. He comes across a body of a victim killed by a Talon.

The Talon stabs Rose in the side and then chains him in the back of a car. This flashes back to when Calvin escaped his father and ran to the circus. There is a competing poster of The Flying Graysons while he gets fame with the Haly Circus. He is recruited into the Court of Owls and begins his training. This ends when he fights another Talon and under orders, kills him. This flashes back to the flooding car trunk. Rose uses the Houdini trick having a lockpick embedded in his foot. This jumps back to his first mission as a Talon. He slips into the penthouse of a security CEO who has died and is about to take out his first target. Talon doesn’t realize that Sarah Washington is two months old. He has a change of heart like Nikita and knocks out the mother to take both away to safety. Back to the waterfront, Rose has the other Talon chained to a post and the Talon says that the Court of Owls will pursue him even after death.

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