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NTF Comic Book Review: Eric Powell’s The Goon #42

Caliburn24 here with Eric Powell’s finest comic book.

All you need to know about The Goon can be summed up in a sentence; he’s a bruiser that fights the supernatural with his short buddy Franky. His nemesis is the Zombie Priest, but the battles between them are at a status quo until now. You don’t need to know more than that summary, open an issue and enjoy. The Goon has been through several publishers until ending up at Dark Horse Comics. The tongue-in-cheek humor allows Powell to bring in b-movie monsters, the great EC Comics, and even the chance to poke fun at sparkly vampires. The director, David Fincher, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to find funds for The Goon animated movie. Eric Powell does writing and penciling duties on The Goon. This issue has a story assist by Tom Sniegoski, but the rest is all Powell. The Goon #42 It has a moody cover of The Goon in shadow pointing a gun.
The comic book is a great beginning point for new readers and begins with scrawny boxer, Tommy Chandler, throwing some punches at a punching bag. An agent, who goes by the name Sullivan, tells him that his upcoming opponent, Chuck Williams, is being backed by The Goon. He has Chuck wearing a cast to get the odds in Tommy’s favor. Sullivan tells Tommy that he can get some help from a “fella” that will make him formidable. There is a full page surreal dream sequence warning about snakes. This slips into The Goon waking in his bed and he notes the sound is coming from dynamite packed into a zombie. The zombie tells him to beware of a “great danger” before exploding. The Goon picks up his cap and has to dress in Franky’s clothes. He finds the right replacement clothes when the mannequins come to life and start moaning, “Beware!” The Goon bashes the mannequins including one in lingerie that disappoints Franky. The Goon is at his bar, but finds the toilet is unusable so goes outside to relieve himself on the bar wall. A bug enlarges to Them size and it tries to warn The Goon before he splats it with his fists.
At the fight, Sullivan forces Tommy to take a bottle of liquid that turns him into the grey Hulk. He knocks out Chuck with a single punch and after winning the fight, turns on The Goon. He punches out Tommy Hulk which knocks the witchcraft out of him. The Goon then goes to chase down Sullivan. In the alleyway, the Zombie Priest tells The Goon about the warnings. He explains that there is a new enemy that know about the curse that powers the town and will come after the both of them. Sullivan wants out and The Goon takes care of him with a gun. The back-up story sports a fancy title, “The Bog Lurk That Lurked Like a Thing! A Bad Thing! Part 2.” It has b&w pencils by Mark Buckingham. The Bog Lurk is about to slam down a car onto The Goon. It slams down and The Goon takes a pipe from the wreckage to hold the Bog Lurk. He tells Franky to get the tommy gun, but Franky is too busy eating his hot dog. The Goon is thrown into a building that frees a Killer Robot. This is a great nod to the Ro-Man from Robot Monster except for no gorilla suit. The Killer Robot and the Bog Lurk begin to fight while Frank and The Goon enjoy the fight eating hot dogs. The Goon shouts out, “Hit `Em Again!” which draws the attention of both monsters.