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NTF Comic Book Review – Earth 2 #5 “Welcome to the Grey!”

Earth 2 #5 “Welcome to the Grey!”, writer: James Robinson, artist: Nicola Scott. Earth 2 deals with another dimension that has the Golden Age DC heroes in the world that was Earth One pre-Crisis. This new world is a bigger spin on the DC characters with a world that is ravaged by Darkseid after defeating the Justice League. The new heroes are introduced with Jay Garrick in the first issue and he becomes the Flash in issue #2, the Alan Scott Green Lantern (in issue #2), the Kendra Saunders Hawkgirl (in issue #3), and the Al Pratt Atom (in issue #4). Solomon Grundy who first appeared in issue #4 returns as a deadly threat to the Earth. Issue #5 begins with the White House under the tendrils sent by Solomon Grundy. Commander Dodds and his Sandmen transport away the female president. The Atom is battering the heroes, but he is knocked down and then wrapped up by the tendrils. He is freed and the heroes team up against zombie-like Solomon Grundy. Missiles are launched at the battleground while Green Lantern enters the Alan Moore-esque Grey. He is tempted by the spirit of his boyfriend Sam and ends with a pose similar to Michaelangelo’s sculpture Pieta.

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