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NTF Comic Book Review – Batman: The Dark Knight #0 “Chill in the air”

Nuke the Fridge Comic Review by Caliburn24.
Batman: The Dark Knight #0 “Chill in the air”, writer: Gregg Hurwitz, artist: Mico Suryan.  This is another look back at Batman’s origin which of course starts at Park Row otherwise known as Crime Alley.  It has some interesting artwork showing the necklace pearls falling from Bruce’s mother and the dissolve into rain drops at the funeral.  There is a two page spread that shows the young Bruce with his parents’ empty clothes on the floor.  He finds his father’s watch in a box and thinks of him like Atticus Finch from Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. He runs off and tries to recover his mother’s pearl in the alley.  Bruce confronts a homeless man over what happened with his parents’ murder and hands over his father’s watch. 

He then tries to find his parents’ murderer and suspects the controlling mastermind behind him.  Bruce is almost blind to the events around him as he graduates college.  Alfred, who hasn’t shown up in the story, tries to cheer up Bruce and turn him away from his “boyish frivolity.”  This is a great departure from the Alfred who is loyal and understands him better than anyone.  He goes to the alley to find the homeless man who is now blind.  Bruce is able to get a name from him, Joe Chill, and his father’s watch.  He gets into a bar fight to track down Joe Chill and then breaks into his apartment.  Bruce finds a broken drunk man who is not part of a conspiracy.  He pulls a gun on him, but decides against shooting Chill.  Bruce leaves as the rain drops fall, he staggers in the rain and sees a clown face that dissolves in Joker fashion.  Finally, he leaves to board a plane.

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