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NTF Comic Book Review – Amazing Spider-Man #694 “Alpha: Final Grade”

Amazing Spider-Man #694 “Alpha: Final Grade”, writer: Dan Slott, artist: Humberto Ramos This has a cover that is a homage to the Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man treasury sized comic book with the new character Alpha taking Superman’s place. This is the last issue of the Alpha storyline. Alpha is a young version of Sentry except he is possessed with “phenomenal cosmic power.” This is the Parker Particles that is an energy that is fundamental to the universe, but was somehow overlooked by Reed Richards. Ultra-powerful characters don’t seem to work in Marvel Comics see Beyonder. Peter Parker is now dedicating himself to how to remove the powers of the glory hound Alpha. Peter changes into Spider-Man to reach the airport before Aunt May’s flight lands.

He runs into the Avengers as one does and they drag him into a fight with Terminus. This cosmic b-grade villain could easily be taken down by Thor, but Captain America has Spider-Man call in Alpha. It seems an incredible bad judgment call for a tactical genius to bring in an untested hero. Alpha collides into Terminus and this shuts down every plane in a ten mile radius including Aunt May’s plane. He is taken by Captain Marvel to the plane and rips off the door which he uses up his web fluid to seal. Aunt May reveals that she married Jay Jameson, J.Jonah’s father, to Spider-Man. He is piloting the plane. The plane is about to crash and Spider-Man goes out to hold the landing gear as the plane lands. J.Jonah sees Spider-Man saving his family and seems to forgive him. Spider-Man takes Terminus’ staff to pull a Superman 2 on Alpha and takes away some of the Parker Particles. He has the kid give up the Alpha identity so he has to return to be mocked by the kids at school.

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