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NTF Comic Book Review – Adventures of a Comic Con Girl #2.

Caliburn24 here with the comic perfect for your inner fanboy.

This title carries the suggested for mature readers label and it applies with language and content. The comic book is a three issue limited series so catch it before the last issue. I know men will be frightened that the title has the word “girl” in it, but don’t let that put you off, it is lol funny. Yes, there is no “Power”, “Wonder” or “Super” in front of “girl”, but all of that is inherent in the word. Instead, this comic book has the fictional adventures of a real life girl, Dana, which covers all of the fun of a con. It is written by Matt Spradlin and Dana Braziel-Solovy and features cartoony pencils by David Beauchene which give it humor and gives free reign into geek life. The comic book is published by Anarctic Press which usually publishes manga styled comics and literary adaptations, so this is a nice stretch into humor and real life territory. The fan speak is all there and authentic as well as the pokes at the obsessive fans and the convention scene.

In issue #1, Dana wakens in her room after a night of drinking to find that she has dirtied her sheets. Kids don’t drink, the aftermath is a killer. Dana is worried about not finding her signed copy of Werewolves vs. Ninja vs. Zombies. Which is a slight nod to the Azure Comics titles. Dana’s memory of the night has blacked out so she finds her friend Tatiana dressed up as Black Canary taking pictures with a happy con-goer. Tati explains that Dana was talking to some guy dressed up as the Crow and then was talking to a lesbian. Then, an older guy is excited to see Dana and says he was dressed as the Crow. Next, her friend MFK shows up, the polite part is that this stands for Molly. MFK explains the night ended with Dana showing her signed copy to the G.N.D.s (Geek Nerd Dorks). She then tells about the guy wearing a costume as the Blue Screen of Death. Dana and MFK have an artist sketch the cosplayer and then she tries to track down the Blue Screen including talking to Russian speaking Klingons. Dana has Tati get a cloak and then goes in her underwear and has Jeff pay for a lightsaber. She says her cosplaying name is Darth Deplorius. She meets a guy dressed up as a bounty hunter. The worker struggles with her since her costume isn’t regulation with little kids in the audience and breaks the lightsaber. Then, Dana sees Blue Screen and leaps at him tearing off the screen to reveal Seth Green. He says he traded the comic to a guy named Spat and she hits Seth with the electrified lightsaber in a place where you shouldn’t hit a guy. Her friends try to convince Dana of all of the people she’s hurting, but she’s still on her quest.

Dana goes to a bar still dressed as Darth Deplorious and asks where is Spat. Security doesn’t let her in even when she wiggles. So she brings in Tati to slip into the panel. She slugs Spat and he reveals that he sold the comic to a woman in the worst place in the convention. At the food service area, she finds the “lesbian” who actually has an entourage of geeks. She gives Dana the comic book and for thanks to Jeff gives him the comic book. Issue #2 has the name creative team and in this issue she is attending the World of Wizard Comic Convention. She is excited that Billy Green Lee, the star of Mr. Rad, is attending the con and she has to get his autograph. Her solution to the crowds and expensive autograph is to wear a t-shirt with “Security” across her chest. Dana shows her security skills by yelling at the fan boys to get back and one says he feels “compelled to obey her.” She knocks down an overweight fan dressed as Batman and then is confronted by a female security guard with sunglasses.

Dana talks to the guy dressed as a bounty hunter last issue and he excuses himself to go onstage with Billy. Some fan is blabbing a question to Billy so Dana trips the next guy walking up to the q&a line so they collapse on each other like the Human Centipede (don’t ask). The security guard escorts Dana to the gaming room. She sees two coplayers talking about an argument over the color of a cape. Then, Dana runs into Jack and swipes his drink before spitting it out. She is amazed that he is drinking cola instead of booze. Dana kicks open the liquor cabinet and announces, “Tonight, we’re gonna party like it’s Space: 1999.” The game room erupts into a wild party and the security guard grabs Dana. A police officer takes her into custody, but she really is her friend Tati. The bounty hunter tells her that he will introduce her to Billy Lee, but she hasn’t earned it. Dana sneaks into the convention through a vent and overhears that Billy Lee is going to the cafeteria. She drops into the women’s bathroom where there is some trumpeting going on in the next stall. Dana goes out to hear a custodian being berated for leaving out the booze.

She sees the two cosplayers talking about how one was trying to get an autograph from an “action flick chick”, but passed out. The bounty hunter says that Dana is being selfish so she has one guy take a seat which the bounty hunter says is someone else’s seat. They both leave as the security guard closes on them. One guy stumbles out with a pencil in his eye as an argument spills out over a taken seat. This is a poke at the San Diego Comic Con incident. Dana calls in another favor to get a sword so she can duel in the Live Action Role Playing area. She says she needs to sneak back into the convention in exchange for the “Golden Sword of the Great Derriere of the Dana Clan.” There is a brief cameo of artist Justin Chang (who provides a pin-up for the issue) talking to some troopers. Dana makes a distraction by kissing her friend MFK. The cosplayer passes out and Dana walks up to Billy Lee. In exchange for the autograph, Billy Lee grabs Dana for a kiss. She is angry and when she sees the passed out cosplayer gives him the autograph which makes him ill again. At the bar, she meets with Jack and apologizes.