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Norman Reedus Has Fans Wondering if ‘Breaking Bad’ Star Will Make an Appearance on ‘The Walking Dead’


This would be a fanboy dream if this ever happened.

Normas Reedus who has made an unknown character (Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead) become a superstar overnight, has posted this pic below on his Instagram, which has started an enormous speculation from fans of both “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad,” wondering if Aaron Paul will be joining the cast of  AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”



In the photo, we see Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad) on what some are wondering if it is the set of Walking Dead or something entirely different. Now let me just say if this happened, it would be even more of a bitchin’ TV series, to have two of the top names on AMC and in Hollywood, come together to do a few episodes of AMC’s hit series.

The official page for “The Walking Dead” also posted the same pic with the caption, “Are we dreaming?”…yeah, we probably are.

Doing some more searching around the internet, I didn’t have to go too far to see that Reedus also posted a link to an article. The article is pretty much about the same idea, wondering if Aaron Paul is joining the cast. The article here: http://www.celebuzz.com/2014-06-29/is-aaron-paul-joining-the-cast-of-the-walking-dead/ did mention that Reedus and Paul are working on a movie called “Triple Nine.” So where this pic was taken, is more likely on the set of the film but we could all dream and Norman Reedus is loving the reaction the pic is getting.

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