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NIS America announces three new titles at Anime Expo 2018

NIS America has been a part of Anime Expo for quite some time now, not only do they have a large booth with plenty of goodies you can buy but also giving fans a chance to ask questions and learn more about upcoming releases at their panels.

First announced was The Princess Guide coming in 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

In a land torn by chaos and war, a new evil rises. Now, four princesses from four different kingdoms must learn how to lead their people to victory. Commence the Princess Knight training regimen! As an experienced Knight, you will choose a princess to become your apprentice. Teach her the art of war, and push back the evil that threatens to take over the land! With your choices directly impacting the way your Princess Knight fights, The Princess Guide gives military training a whole new meaning!

Last year saw the release Caligula Effect on the PlayStation Vita and now it’s heading to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2019 thanks to NIS America. The Caligula Effect: Overdose features features twice the story content of the original, enhanced visuals, an overhauled UI, new characters which include a playable female protagonist along with additional story paths and endings.

Have you always wanted to make your very own RPG? Last year, NIS America released RPG Maker Fes on the Nintendo 3DS which let you do just that and even download other players creations and enjoy them.

Next year, NIS America will release RPG Maker MV on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. With a plethora of tools and assets at your disposal along with infinite possibilities the type of RPG you want to make is only limited by your imagination. Once complete you can share your creation or download something made by another player with the RPG Maker MV App which will be released when the game launches where you can also export it to Android, iOS, and even an HTML5 browser.