Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey Tour lets you hang out with Mario and demo the game

Nintendo has officially kicked off the Super Mario Odyssey Tour on October 10th at Universal Citywalk in Hollywood, California. With the game set to release in just a little over two weeks now, fans who attended the event could get a bit of hands-on time with the game which featured New Donk City and the Sand Kingdom.

A few hours before the event started, fans had already lined up to be the first to play the demo and even take pictures with Mario who showed up with Cappy already to go. For those who already played the first demo at wither E3 or San Diego Comic-Con, there was also a new demo on hand to play which showcased more of the game and the capabilities of Cappy which we will get more into detail later.

The event was a lot of fun. While it made me wish the game to come out even sooner, this is a great month of gaming and what better way to end the month with a new Mario game! The tour continues next week in Texas, followed by Chicago a few days later, you can find the list of locations on the Nintendo website.

Super Mario Odyssey launches on October 27th on the Nintendo Switch.