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Nintendo Updates Its Monetization Policy on Youtube

A big focal point of Youtubers and content creators is the ability to cover a topic without being flagged for containing copyrighted content and at a time Nintendo was a large point of interest. With so many triple a titles under the Japanese companies name it was hard for many to not talk about it with the fear of a dreaded copyright strike. Just 3 strikes can take a Youtube channel down.

Today via their official Twitter, Nintendo of America shared a link featuring a blog post announcing the update to its policy to allow content creators of all sorts to monetize their content featuring Nintendo licenses but there will be rules.

A section of the blog post reads:

You may monetize your videos and channels using the monetization methods separately specified by Nintendo. Other forms of monetization of our intellectual property for commercial purposes are not permitted.

We encourage you to create videos that include your creative input and commentary. Videos and images that contain mere copies of Nintendo Game Content without creative input or commentary are not permitted. You may, however, post gameplay videos and screenshots using Nintendo system features, such as the Capture Button on Nintendo Switch, without additional input or commentary.

You are only permitted to use Nintendo Game Content that has been officially released, or from promotional materials officially released by Nintendo (such as product trailers or Nintendo Directs).

If you want to use the intellectual property of a third party, you are responsible for obtaining any necessary third-party permissions.

You are not permitted to imply or state that your videos are officially affiliated with or sponsored by Nintendo.

We reserve the right to remove any content that we believe is unlawful, infringing, inappropriate, or not in line with these Guidelines.

It looks as though Nintendo is ready to play ball with content creators as it seems to be perfect advertising for the upcoming Super Smash Brothers Ultimate which is apparently already making sales records a week ahead of release.