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Nintendo to release a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition Switch Pro Controller

When playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it’s important to have a controller that feels comfortable with you. While you could use the Joy-Con controllers, more than likely you will see player rocking a Nintendo GameCube controller with the USB Controller adapter which will be re-released in December alongside the game.

That won’t be all though, as Nintendo also revealed it will be released a Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch which features the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo on the front.

Nintendo also announced a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition which includes the Pro Controller and a steelbook cover for the game.

It’s definitely not as cool as the Limited Edition that was previously revealed for Europe but at least we get something right? No word on when the Pro Controller or Special Edition will be available for pre-order right now but Nintendo will release more information on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website at a later time.