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Nintendo Shares Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate Alternative Costumes

Hang on to your hats folks, although we didn’t get any Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate news from last weeks Nintendo Direct other than Isabelle we do have some shimmer of details in the form of character renders that were revealed this week. Although they’re just images they do offer some more insight on how drastically different some of these characters will be rather than the traditional alternative color scheme.

Some of the noticeably different outfits include Green the female Pokemon trainer, the various Mario costumes from Mario Maker and Super Mario Odyssey, Alph from Pikmin 3, Pikachu Libre, and Meta Ridley(among others).  No word yet if these are already unlocked when starting out or are obtained through various methods.

Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate will be released only for Nintendo Switch on December 17th.