Nintendo Labo will give your Switch cardboard accessories

Nintendo is out here proving once again that they are a hard company to predict. In April, they will be releasing a series of DIY accessories called Nintendo Labo, and they will be made entirely out of cardboard. That’s right, cardboard. Think Google Cardboard but way more complex and interactive.

Children and adults can use various Nintendo Labo kits such as a piano, fishing rod, and robot. You know what that means? The cancelled Project Giant Robot on Wii U has been resurrected! Each of these accessories are appropriately labeled Toy-Cons, and they come in all shapes and sizes as previously mentioned. They will come in two packages on April 20, a Variety Pack for $69.99 that comes with the basics (fishing rod, piano, 2 RC cars, etc.), and a Robot Kit for $79.99.

Nintendo Labo looks to provide a great way for kids to not only game, but do something constructive with their family members in the process. I know for sure my grandpa would get a kick out of these. You can read up more about these on