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From the makers of “Ninjas vs. Vampires” and “Ninjas vs. Zombies” comes the third and final installment in the action/horror/comedy series “Ninjas vs. Monsters.” Filmmaker and executive producer Eduardo Sánchez (“The Blair Witch Project”) and director Justin Timpane present a story that will bring plenty of fright and fight. Check out the trailer!

Check out the stills and artwork.













Here’s the storyline.

The Ninjas and their friends find themselves pitted against the World’s Greatest Monsters – Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Werewolf and a coven of sexy Witches. The film is loaded with martial arts action, bloody horror, gun play, magic, comedy, pop-culture references and a tightly woven twist-filled plot. 

“Ninjas vs. Monsters” will premiere on DVD and VOD on January 26th in the United Kingdom, and on DVD (Ninjasvs.com) and VOD (Uncork’d Entertainment) in the United States on February 6th. The film stars Daniel Ross, Cory Okouchi, Jay Saunders, Devon Brookshire, P.J. Megaw, Dan Guy, Carla Okouchi, Jasmine Guillermo, Sam Lukowski, Elliot Kashner, Daniel Mascarello, Lyon Beckwith, Mina Noorbakhsh, Vicki Parks, Tori Bertocci, Alexia Poe, Michael Santos Sandoval, Philip Stamper, Henry Hickerson, Kirk A. Jenkins, Leo Napper, Kurt Skarstedt, Paul Sieber, Christopher Inlow, Ali Lukowski, Kathy Michau, Andrea R. Baker, Liz Burgess, Catherine Cahill, Steven M. Campbell, Liz Christmas, Consuelo M. Edwards, Michael Hayes, Jabraan Ismail, Kamran Ismail, Chris Mannix, Melissa McConnell, Scott McKnew, John Migliore, Jerry Moore, Tara Moore, Garth Porter, Leo Rogstad, Sarah Scheiner, Katie Smith, Shawn Smith, Will Stendeback, Peter Swinburne and Kristin Prieur Wells. Justin Timpane wrote the screenplay, while Daniel Ross and Kelly Timpane served as story supervisors. Thomas Chillemi was the storyline consultant. Justin Timpane directs. 

Sources: Uncork’d Entertainment, IMDb

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