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NINJAK #3 Review


Ninjak continues try to subvert the largest weapons dealer in the world while trying not to get caught, not end up dead and also reliving his childhood.


The Ninjak series has been one of my favorite Valiant series mainly because everything is great about it. The story, the action, the art and getting to see what Ninjak was like as a child. In most cases, thanks to the Star Wars prequels, many don’t care to see what a great character was like as a child. I for one, am always interested in what a person was like as a kid whether it’s in real life or pop culture. In this issue, we live inside of Ninjak’s mind for almost the entire issue. While Ninjak is trying to complete his mission, most of the dialogue is all narration from Ninjak as he takes us step-by-step into what he has to do to complete the mission. While having the mission be the main focus of what’s on Ninjak’s mind, we get taken back and forth from the mission to learning a bit more about Ninjak’s childhood.


Along with the issue comes another “Lost Files” story to complete the issue just as the first two issue of the series did. This “Lost Files” continues telling a story of Ninjak before he was Ninjak and known as Colin. The story takes place in India and reveals that Colin had much more than a mission going on.

Like I said, the Ninjak series has been really good and I would recommend Ninjak #3¬†as one of this week’s comic book pick ups. And please Valiant, gives us a Roku spin-off!

Here are the variant covers for Ninjak #3