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NINJAK #2 Review

NINJAK_002_COVERA_LAROSAIn this issue of Ninjak, we get two stories in one. We not only get the main story of how Ninjak has to go undercover and join Kannon and Weaponeer. The second story is The Lost Files

Let’s start with the first story. In this first part of this issue, we continue to see how far Henry Collins aka Colin King aka Ninjak, will go to get on the good side of Kannon and become a member of Weaponeer. We don’t get to see the usually Ninjak with the swords, chopping everything with finesse but we do get to see him kill someone in a different way. We do get to see him in ninja mode for a bit but not too much.┬áThis story also shows even more of Roku who continues to get more and more badass, which is awesome. She is definitely a highlight in this series so far.

This issue also includes another “The Lost Files” story and in this one, we see Colin take a mission in India to assassinate a target named Xaman. When he finds his target, he gets a little surprise.

I do wish that there would have been more pages dedicated to the main story. The main story seems a bit short because of “The Lost Files” pages, which is also really short. All together, you still get 33 pages so that isn’t bad at all. I really like where the Ninjak story is going and he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite Valiant characters along with Roku.

Ninjak #2 hits stores April 22.

Here are the variant covers for Ninjak #2.