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NINJAK #1 Review


The story takes you between the “then” and “now” of Ninjak. From kid to deadly operative and all I have to say is…wow!

I have been waiting for Ninjak to get a new pickup point since I have never read a Ninjak comic in my life. I only know him from the great series The Valiant, so I was eager to read up more on his character. This one issue alone, informed me of who Ninjak is and it’s only the first issue!

In this issue, we see Ruko who has to be the deadliest woman in all of Valiant. She is absolutely badass and she really didn’t have to do a thing. It was all in the narrative.


The art is amazing in this issue. Clay Mann’s (X-Men Legacy) art adds so much more on top of a story which is already really, really good. Everything from the close ups to the action shots to the background are great eye candy.


A pretty cool thing is that when the first issue ends, you’re still not done. There is another few pages which are titled “The Lost Files” and it takes you even deeper into the history of Colin aka Ninjak. The art is done by Butch Guice (Captain America).


With this one issue, you definitely get your money’s worth. You get three stories in one, the “then,” the “now,” and the lost files. Each story delivers as you would expect from Matt Kindt. I highly recommend this issue to any comic book fan. It also has a few variants to choose from.

Ninjak #1 hits stores March, 11.