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Nicalis announces three additional characters heading to Blade Strangers

This Summer, Nicalis will be releasing Blade Strangers on the Nintendo Switch. A fighting game from publisher Nicalis, the game features a cast of characters from various Nicalis releases as well as a few guest characters from other smaller developers including Gunvolt from Inti Creates’ Azure Striker Gunvolt and Shovel Knight from Yacht Club Games.

Nicalis has been slowly announcing more and more characters and in the last few days the company has already revealed three more playable characters:

Helen – 

A brand-new original character and a goddess inspired by Greek mythology. Equipped with a sword and shield, she uses counters to parry her opponents attacks and has a shield bash move letting her get in on her opponents which can be followed up with an additional attack.

Liongate – 

The Distron Army leader from CodeOfPrincessEX conceals his true identity behind a mask!

Noko – 

From Sayonara Umihara Kawase, she’s a cop who can travel through time!

That means so far we have 14 characters announced for the game, with who knows how many more still yet to be announced.