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Next FRIDAY THE 13th Movie News: Jason Voorhees to be Explained?

Friday the 13th

Do you ever wonder why Jason Voorhees keep coming back from the dead?  Although it was explained in Jason Goes To Hell, producer Brad Fuller says that Platinum Dunes may be thinking of ignoring that movie and making up a completely different explanation in the next Friday the 13th movie.

“There’s always been this supernatural aspect to these movies. It defies logic that, you see Jason get killed in every movie, including ours, the 2009 one. And then he comes back and no one’s ever really investigated what that is. So that’s something that I think about a little bit. Like it is supernatural, but what is he? Those are the things that we’re toying with. Nothing has been decided. But those type of things: How does he always come back?”

As for the rumored “Found-Footage” approach. Fuller insists Friday the 13th will not follow the found-footage trend.

What direction should these movies go? Let us know what you think below.